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Benidorm Gastronómico delves into the native product and premieres Jornadas del Tuna

This year's calendar reissues its more consolidated appointments and bets on a new activity

 Benidorm Gastronómico delves into the native product and premieres Jornadas del Tuna

The International Tourism Fair of Madrid (Fitur) has been the place chosen for the presentation of Benidorm Gastronómico 2019, in which the local product is further delved with the premiere of the first Tuna Days. To this are added the most consolidated quotations of the Gastronomic Benidorm: the Days of the spoon, the Contest of tapas and pinchos, and the Days of the rice of the earth.

The gastronomic calendar of 2019 will start the first week of March. And they are exposed: the Days of the tuna, that will be developed from the 4 to the 12 of May, new content in these days whose intention is to make a tribute to the way of life of the 'old Benidorm' and to promote well something recognized in the city as It's the trap. For its part the 8th Conference of the spoon, which will take place from March 2 to March 10, June 15 to 23, will celebrate the longest appointment of the Gastronomic Benidorm: the Tapas and Pinchos Contest, while Las VIII Days of the rices of the earth will close the calendar from October 19 to 27.

Year after year there is an increase in the participation of these editions of culinary days getting consolidated a gastronomic tourism in the city.