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Dinapsis as a pioneering centre and reference in innovation and sustainable development.

Projects focused on combating climate change take on a greater role in this space of Suez and Hidraqua

Dinapsis as a pioneering centre and reference in innovation and sustainable development.

The Hidraqua y Suez innovation centre in Benidorm is two years old. This space, pioneer in Spain, is a reference in the application of solutions for the sustainable management of water and territory.

In this way, Benidorm has received the national Sustainable City award in the category of water cycle management for the implementation of Dinapsis.

This evidence is reflected in the development of 34 innovation projects and in the organisation of more than 250 conferences and visits with their relationship groups, among others.

Dinapsis acts as a mentor in the initiative called Climate Launch Pad, a contest coordinated by AVESEN (Valencian Association of Energy Sector Companies) for current or future entrepreneurs who develop their business promoting the use of green technologies and mitigation of climate change. Likewise, Climate Launch Pad has positioned itself as the main innovation initiative in climate change in the European Union.

Another project in the area of climate change has been developed in the operational area of Dinapsis, which through the centralization of certain operations and the application of new technologies, has been able to become more efficient, in addition to other processes, the management of scheduled routes and routes made in the management of work orders.

In addition to these projects linked to climate change, Dinapsis has continued to advance in the last year in the implementation of technological solutions to prevent any incident from affecting citizens and to manage the integral water cycle in the most efficient way. These initiatives make it possible to control leaks and improve adaptability to demand, control water quality more intensively, establish network renewal plans with greater knowledge, and increase the remote reading service, among others.

A green lung for the city of Benidorm

In addition to this commitment to fighting climate change, there is a commitment to people, citizens and visitors through the implementation of proposals that protect and improve urban biodiversity, promoting urban and periurban green spaces with an innovative paradigm as elements of a green infrastructure that favours ecosystem services.

Thus, Dinapsis has developed a project whose global idea lies in generating a large surrounding green infrastructure along the entire peri-urban area of Benidorm, thus allowing to interlink and integrate sports facilities, existing green areas, beaches and the renaturalization of degraded peri-urban areas, with the existing city and new urban developments.

This large facility aims to bring together a mixture of uses and developments, as well as to act as a great green lung for the city, with sports, leisure and recreation areas, large hydraulic infrastructure through a controlled flood zone for the lamination of rainwater, reuse of water for irrigation and tertiary sector, large tree mass of Mediterranean species and a place for green entrepreneurship linked to the concept of km 0 and healthy life.