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Temples, Viva Suecia and Sidonie among the new confirmed artists to attend Low Festival 2020

6 are the new confirmed bands to perform to the famous indie rock festival

Temples, Viva Suecia and Sidonie among the new confirmed artists to attend Low Festival 2020

Six new names arrive today at Low Festival 2020. The international Temples and the nationals  Viva Suecia and Sidonie who lead a group of incoming bands that also include Novedades Carminha, Rufus T. Firefly and Colectivo Da Silva.

The british band Temples are one of the best psychedelic rock bands of this decade. Formed in England in 2012, the (now) trio has toured the world defending a sound that combines classic melodies with a contemporary style creating its own style. Their formula, this 2019, has been refined, and the recent "Hot Motion" delves into a bigger and more accurate production than ever in their career, with hypnotizing melodies.

On a national level, the murcians from Viva Suecia are repeating at Low Festival for the second consecutive year. A rare event on the festival line-up, but a more than justified break in the artistic line of the festival: the group led by Rafa Val has just released "El milagro", an album that has been received with great enthusiasm by the lowers and that will serve them to return in style to the Guillermo Amor Sports City in 2020.

Sidonie is the third confirmation of the day, and they are expected as one of the most awaited shows by the lowers. With their hymn bag on their backs, the trio is already preparing new tracks, which will surely become a new hit in the festival.

And another hits factory that joins Low Festival on this occasion is Novedades Carminha. these galicians seem to have no milits, neither creatively nor in terms of popularity. Because, if "World Champions" turned them into the best rock band of the moment, "Ultraligero" has placed them as the most daring and refreshing project of their generation.

Rufus T. Firefly will finally be in Benidorm. The band led by Víctor Cabezuelo and Julia Martín-Maestro had not yet gone through a festival in which they fit perfectly. Undoubtedly, they will deploy their arsenal of layers and melodies to conquer the general public.

Closing this round with one of the most refreshing names of 2019. Colectivo Da Silva, in spite of the mention of a certain tourist competition of the city (luckily no one can compete against Benidorm), they deserve their place in Low Festival 2020 thanks to songs with a hymns worthy of a mosh pit.