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PATTI, Protección y Atención Turística Técnica Inteligente

Asistencia sanitaria 24/7

PATTI, Protection and Intelligent Technical Touristic Attention, is the assistance coverage that the Tourism Foundation "Visit Benidorm" offers you totally FREE*.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, have suffered from a clinical episode, need 24/7 medical assistance or simply you want to feel safe on holiday, PATTI is the solution

PATTI offers you the biggest network for your health assistance through 3rd generation tools on loan to you, in conjunction with a mobile app. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you will receive a quick and efficient health assistance, in your own language, anywhere, anytime.


You merely have to download the app on your phone or go to patti.es, and fill out the forms regarding your health, treatments and related information where needed

You will be given a device. It has an SOS button. Once pressed, the alarm will activate the protocol and our personnel will get in touch with you, in your language, to solve the issue.

The electronic device also has a Fall Sensor, which immediately triggers the protocol (in case of unconsciousness, heart attack, accident, etc.), and assistance will be sent to your location thanks to its GPS.



GPS System with SIM Card

SOS Alarm

Fall Detector

Functional in ALL of Europe

IPX6 Water-Resistant (shower)

24h Battery

2-way Communication system (high sound quality, hands-free, volume control)

Functional with the PATTI APP

In case of emergency, your contacts will be notified

Safety zone can be activated

Connected to the PATTI alarm centre (24/7)

Bidirectional voice communication and monitoring