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Benidorm gets the 'Calculate + Reduce' stamp

This different one is issued to the Ministry by reducing the CO2 emissions on the beaches

Benidorm gets the 'Calculate + Reduce' stamp

The Ministry for Ecological Transition has given Benidorm the level 'Calculation + Reduction' of the Carbon Footprint 2018 to have reduced by about 2% CO2 emissions in the three beaches and two coves of the city. Specifically, it has been found a reduction of 1.93% of emissions in the three-year period 2016-2018 compared to 2015-2017.

In 2016 the Carbon Footprint was registered with the Ministry, which reflected the tons of CO2 that represented annually the management of all services of the beaches and coves of Benidorm: rescue, leisure activities, cleaning, etc.

With the registration of the Footprint was the first step in the commitment to control and reduce CO2 emissions in the management of our main tourist attraction: the beaches. From that moment, year after year has been achieved, although this is the first time that the seal also includes the parameter 'I reduce', reflecting that the commitment of Benidorm for the protection of the environment is paying off.

Thanks to the reduction of direct emissions, the beaches of Benidorm are even more sustainable. Thus advancing in meeting the objectives of sustainable development (ODS) of the UN number 13: the Climate Action